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Our Expertise

Planning [+] Expand [-] Reduce

CMA provides parking and transportation master and strategic planning services to a wide range of clients, from Universities and Medical Centers to governmental entities and private developers. Our planning services encompass the full range of issues and activities that comprise our access management philosophy.

We don’t focus solely on vehicular transportation, but understand the need to plan for pedestrian, bicycle, and a myriad of other transportation means for arriving at a destination, as well as for internal circulation needs as well. This viewpoint takes into consideration the planning, use, and integration of public transit, alternative transportation modes (ridesharing, bicycles), parking, pedestrian movement, sign and graphic guidance systems, logistics (deliveries, service vehicle use, fire and safety) and public information.

Off-Street Parking Facilities

  • determine existing parking supply, demand, and use, as well as supply and demand issues for the future;
  • evaluate vehicular and pedestrian access and circulation;
  • accommodate displacement of parking due to construction of other facilities;
  • design access systems for new developments or refine systems for renovated buildings and facilities;
  • prepare and conduct surveys to document parking and transportation patterns;
  • balance parking and alternative transportation to meet access needs; and
  • evaluate existing entrance ways, drop-off points, and distribution of activities.

Management [+] Expand [-] Reduce

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Operations [+] Expand [-] Reduce

The extensive hands-on operational experience of CMA’s professional staff enables the firm to provide unparalleled consulting services in all organizational and operational facets of both on- and off-street parking management programs.

On-Street Parking:  As Philadelphia’s first Director of On-Street Parking, Dr. Barbara J. Chance, was responsible for building the consolidated (single responsibility center) parking program “from the ground up”, coordinating the staffing, operations and public outreach components of over a dozen separate municipal agencies into the foundation of one of the model parking management programs in the nation. 

Vice President and Senior Operations Consultant Joseph P. Sciulli continued this work as a consultant to the Philadelphia on-street program for over 15 years, during which time his involvement in employee training, parking enforcement analysis and meter collections and security activities in Philadelphia and numerous other cities across the country earned him a national reputation as one of the leading on-street parking experts in the country.

Program Design and Management

  • Organizational Design and Review
  • Budget Assessment and Development
  • Program Staffing Levels
  • Parking Analysis
  • Training
  • Best Management Practices
  • Benchmarking
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Community Input / Parking Summits
  • Public Information Techniques
  • Customer Service Training
  • Fine and Fee Analysis and Recommendation
  • Official Testimony Development / Expert Witness

Enforcement Programs

  • Enforcement Operational Assessment / Review
  • Patrol Beat Design
  • Deployment Strategies
  • Officer Staffing Levels
  • Parking Activity Survey Design, Training and Supervision
  • Scannable Form and PDA Data Collection
  • Proprietary “CMA On-Street Parking Activity Survey System”
  • Enforcement Guidelines
  • Productivity Improvement Plans
  • Enforcement Officer, Supervisor and Manager Training
  • Booting and Towing Operational Analysis

Regulation Programs, including Parking Meter Operations

  • Regulation Assessments and Recommendations
  • Sign / Message Design
  • Permit Parking Program Assessments
  • Revenue Projection
  • Meter Operations Consulting: Planning, Maintenance, Collections
  • Parking Meter Security Audits

Ticket Processing and Adjudication

  • Collection Rate Analysis (processing methods, systems, dunning notice analysis)
  • Fine and Fee Structure Analysis
  • Draft Legislation Management
  • Information System Assessment and Recommendation

Off-Street Parking:  Since it’s founding in 1984, CMA has been deeply involved in supporting off-street parking management efforts for its university, hospital and municipal clients.  Whether providing its clients with financial forecasting, design review or operator contract specifications, CMA has earned an outstanding reputation for offering independent, objective advice to parking owners. 

With the addition of Mr. Bob Furniss in 2008, CMA has one of - if not the - most operationally-experienced parking consultants in the industry.  Bob’s nearly 25 years of experience as a parking and transportation director for both the University of Pennsylvania and the Georgia Institute of Technology offers CMA’s clients the benefit of distinctive hands-on expertise in supporting their off-street parking management needs.

The following list highlights several of the areas where CMA’s expertise and service offerings could be of benefit to your parking management program.

Supply and Demand Analysis Financial Feasibility Forecasts Parking Rate Benchmarking and Modeling Demand Forecasting Models for Municipalities, Hospitals and Universities (CMA’s Proprietary “Parking and Transportation Planning Model”) Site Evaluation Wayfinding Assessment Design Review


Operator RFP Development Operator Contract Review Operational Audit Standard Operating Procedure Development Customer Service Training Manager Training Access Control System Procurement Support (system description, technical specification, procurement process management, bidder evaluation)

Finance [+] Expand [-] Reduce

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Sustainable Solutions [+] Expand [-] Reduce

Our expertise in parking, transportation and access management provide our clients with the added value of sustainable solutions.  These are solutions that are sustainable both environmentally and financially.  CMA has successfully helped craft and implement sustainable solutions that reduce the environmental costs of parking, traffic congestion and pollution with parking and transit alternatives that also have reduced capital outlays, operating costs and improved parking utilization, revenues and financial controls.

Sustainable Solutions include those strategies and activities that support environmental  and budgetary goals. These solutions have included automated parking, efficient use of transportation, permeable parking surfaces, shared parking use, reduction of single occupant vehicles and vehicles miles traveled.

CMA offers the following approaches: 

  • Multi-year financial alternatives and strategies;
  • Development of transportation demand management programs and monitoring guidelines;
  • Planning for mixed-use developments with shared parking plans;
  • Development of automated parking facilities to preserve land, reduce utility use and increase safety;
  • Analysis and procurement of alternative fueled transit vehicles;
  • Integration of facilities and campus master plan with local transit system; and
  • Identifying opportunities for transit oriented development.

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