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What is Access Management?

CHANCE Management Advisors, Inc. (CMA) began using the term Access Management over 20 years ago to describe the activities of planning, implementing, integrating, and managing access related functions. These functions include:

  • traffic and circulation,
  • public transportation,
  • alternative transportation (walking, biking, ridesharing),
  • parking,
  • pedestrian circulation,
  • signs and guidance,
  • public information,
  • materials loading/unloading activity, and
  • personal assistance.
Some literature refers to access management as associated only with access from roadways. But all of the functions listed above are closely related and highly dependent on one another. They operate as a system, even if they are not managed effectively as a system.

To individuals seeking a destination, they are all part of a continuum of activity that either helps or hinders the ability to find a desired destination.

CMA believes a holistic approach to the consideration of all elements affecting access brings greater value to planning and operations, eliminates solutions that will not be successful, and avoids design mistakes that must be compensated for with more expensive operations.

In short, Access Management promotes the wise use resources and responsiveness to the ways in which individuals move to their destinations.

May 2015 – With CAPP in Hand: CMA is pleased to announce that Vice President and Senior Operations Consultant Joseph P. (Joe) Sciulli has successfully completed all requirements of the IPI’s Certified Administrator of Public Parking (CAPP) program. As Joe said, it only took 30 years in parking, a 3-hour test and a “3-day recovery period from it” to earn this most valued accreditation!

February 2015 – CMA is delighted to announce the addition of Thomas M. Hastings, AICP, to its consultant family. Thomas comes to CMA with experience as an environmental, transportation, and urban planner.

December 2014 – Parking Valuation: CMA has been retained by the Board of Directors of an LLC to prepare a market analysis and valuations of multiple large garages.

December 2014 – Garage Feasibility: A private development and property management firm has retained CMA to provide research and financial feasibility services for two garages that may be constructed in conjunction with transportation system improvements on the East Coast.

November 2014 – Parking Management: CMA has updated the Parking Management Plan for East Stroudsburg University, which is moving into the planning stages for construction of a new student center, library, and additional on-campus housing.

October 2014 – Access Strategies: CMA is a member of the team selected by Montgomery County, PA, to provide an Asset Strategy and Project Management Services for County Complex in Norristown, PA. CMA will focus on the parking and access management for employees, the Court and jurors, and visitors to the complex.

October 2014 – Professional Education: “Losing Rodney Dangerfield: A Transformational Trend” was the presentation delivered by Barbara Chance to the New York State Parking Association’s conference. Barbara’s talk focused on how parking professionals are working to increase “respect” for the industry and its role in the economy and daily life.

October 2014 – Parking Management: Dartmouth University has asked CMA to work with it to prepare a Parking Improvement Strategy that will provide a way forward for parking and transportation, taking into consideration the recently completed Master Plan.

August 2014 – Travel Service Management: For a large financial services company, CMA is preparing a Travel Services Sourcing Strategy and RFP for partners/vendors. The company spends in excess of $20 million annually on travel services, and it wants to enhance the value of that spend as well as ensuring that levels of service match the varied needs of the departments.

August 2014 – Special Events: CMA assisted Villanova University with the approval process for a mixed use development of resident housing, related retail, a Performing Arts Center, and a parking garage. A strategy for the distribution of special event traffic and parking was prepared, and CMA testimony explained it to Township representatives.

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